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She is the second main female character to die. Her relationship provides her more support and love than ever, and it pushes her to move forward with her career. Alaric was devastated by her death, and even went on a drinking binge to cope with the grief and sadness over her death. She asked Katherine if she remembers the time when she compelled her to stab herself. Alaric worries what Elena thinks of him after doing this but Elena tells him that's okay for him to move on from Jenna.

Jenna only spent less than an hour as a vampire before she was killed, but even despite this fact, she seemed to have psychologically adapted to her transformation quite quickly. She was depicted as very scatterbrained and clumsy while trying to adapt to her new life. Alaric promises to respect Elena's decision about whether or not to tell Jenna. They reconcile briefly before Jenna is turned into a vampire by Klaus and killed for his sacrifice.

While walking home from a party, Alaric tells Jenna that his wife was named Isobel, the same name as Elena's birth mother and later asked her to go on a real date. Then, Jenna attempts to set up Damon with her friend Andie Star. They were spotted together in many places, they were basically inseparable, he was with her behind the cameras while filming her vlogs and videos. Jenna insists that she can handle whatever he is keeping from her, as last year she was a grad student and now she is a parent.

To this day and even after four years of dating, fans still show how much they are impressed by him. The couple started dating a short while after and begun posting Instagram pictures of them together. The couple have been dating for more than four years now, and live in L. Julian provided the voice for the title role in the animated film David Copperfield. Elena told him that this is all his fault.

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Jenna was well-known for speaking her mind and having a fierce temper, which she demonstrated against Alaric and Elena several times in the second season. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jenna Marbles. Jenna fetched a bag of blood for Stefan after he and Damon got into a fight and was lured out of the house by Katherine.

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American entertainer and YouTube personality. Though made a vampire, she remained pure. Note the following dates are according to SocialBlade. Many people find Marbles very comedic though.

Shortly after discovering that vampires existed, Klaus Mikaelson takes Jenna and uses her as a vampire sacrifice to activate his hybrid side. Esther says that she never met the torment on the other side. Out of this group she seemed to be friends only with Mason. Lennon chafed at hearing his father's peace and love stance perpetually celebrated. She has since gotten more mature and less inappropriate in her videos however she still does use profanity and discusses foul things in a loud, why does he keep wanting somewhat obnoxious manner sometimes.

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Jenna Marbles Facts & Wiki

Though overwhelmed by the prospect, Jenna ultimately agreed to fulfill her sister's wishes and moved back to Mystic Falls, where she lived with her niece and nephew in their family home. Elena says they would have never made it without her. Coincidentally, her boyfriend Alaric would also complete his transition into an Enhanced Original by drinking the blood of the witch Bonnie Bennett. You can't do it, not if you're being true and honest with yourself.

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Jenna Marbles
  • Jenna and Elena talk and Jenna reveals she first considered not taking hers and Jeremy's custody but changed her mind at the last minute.
  • Outside, Alaric walks Jenna home and tells her that Isobel is dead, although there are some things about her death that he can't reveal.
  • Jenna and Elena at Lockwoods.
  • Lennon has also held exhibitions of his photography.
  • Jenna is the only main character to be killed who hasn't returned as a ghost in any season.

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She agrees to hang out with them as she is still upset about Alaric hiding something from her. As their relationship continued to grow, it later became strained after Jenna discovers that his wife, Isobel, was still alive. She then began a relationship with Alaric, who also happened to be Elena and Jeremy's history teacher. Jenna only lived a few minutes as a vampire, the shortest amount of time of any vampire in the series.

Klaus kills Jenna Jenna's death hits everyone she was close to very hard. Jenna was devastated by finding out that Elena knew that Isobel is alive all along, and went upstairs and started to cry. She closes the door and Elena is shocked to see Elijah standing there. Their relationship ended badly, serial epiphone and she ended up hating him for the rest of their lives.

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When Klaus gets ready to kill her, Jenna bravely tries to kill Greta first, but fails and Klaus holds her on the ground. Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita have millions of fans, who give them feedback on their videos, and share their points of view with them. Caroline suggests that Alaric might have a good reason for keeping something from her. It is infrequently updated, but still active. Not knowing that Klaus had released Alaric, she aimed a crossbow at him when he arrived at the boarding house until he proved it was himself.

Jenna thought she had told Elena not knowing it was Katherine and Elena had no clue about it. She was always there for her family. After he began his performing career, there was occasionally unfounded media speculation that Lennon would undertake performances with McCartney, Harrison and Ringo Starr. Elena and Jeremy have to face the pain of losing yet another parent while Alaric lost, once again, the woman he loved.

  1. Stefan screams at Jenna to leave and gets his vampire face on before he starts beating him.
  2. Ironically she was the last to know about vampires before becoming one.
  3. During the majority of her time in the series, she remained unaware of the supernatural forces in Mystic Falls until she finally learned the truth near the end of the second season.

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Marbles is regarded as one of the most genuine and caring people on YouTube. Vicki was the first and Bonnie was the third. She also found out that he is a vampire hunter.

Her current relationship with Julien Solomita is the perfect example for that. She is private as well as she has a calm and humble personality. It also touches on many environmental issues. Finally, she agrees to a date at the insistence of Elena. She has made videos consisting of different characters, real or fictional videos describing, for example, worst parts of dating how men and women get ready in the morning.

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He is known to be fun, sometimes wander minded, and loving. She also proclaimed herself to have terrible luck with men. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This unfortunately was unsuccessful being Jenna found out about the supernatural world around her. Jenna Sommers was a vampire and a main character in the first and second season of The Vampire Diaries. However, Alaric ultimately became their legal guardian after Jenna's death, as he believed it was what she would have wanted. Her style of dress is that of a typical American college student, which focuses on comfortable and functional. After Elena and Jeremy's parents died from a car crash, their aunt, Jenna, moved in with them and began to raise them.

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