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The plane can be used to trim crossgrain rabbets, the cheeks of tenons, for cutting rabbets, general block plane work, etc. Both the front and rear arms are straight. Also check the slots in the main casting where the old style lever cap engages the main casting - this area is prone to chipping and cracking. This is very important to remember, if you are a collector, since the scum of the human gene pool will grind the front of the off, and try to pass it off as an original example.

The iron rests upon two vertical and triangular almost fin-like in appearance projections of the main casting. Can you hazard a guess on date of make. It also can spin about the adjusting screw when it's not seated. However, given their genius at marketing and creating demand, 20 something dating I suspect it was driven by a couple of different factors. You can contact me at vatoolworks gmail.

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The iron can often be found mushroomed at the top due to its being set by a hammer in a manner like wooden planes are set. Sometimes, this portion is broken, and the rest of the casting, which is screwed to the wooden body, can sometimes crack so you should examine it carefully. In fact in has made in England on the inside of the blade.

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The same knob that's used to adjust the sole is also used to grip during planing. The third major change was the addition of a raised receiver for the front knob, and the transition from the low knob to the high knob. The lever grips grooves machined into the underside of the cutter. The reason why, is left as an exercise for the reader.

  • The first model of the plane is the rarest of all types, and has a distinct boat-shape to it.
  • Sometimes the plane dating stanley bailey hand plane feature timeline.
  • Notice also the size difference between the Brass depth adjuster.

The first model of the plane has a star cast into the lever cap, and the side rails of its main casting are more arched over their lengths. Probably a good thing as it might have doomed the size. Posts in the chart, but it does not be prompted what year and type.

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Rarer, perhaps, but not more desirable. The earliest model has a bead at the bottom of its front knob. This is a cheap both price and construction block plane, stupid dating with no adjustment mechanism. This mechanism is held captive in the raised projection mentioned in the description.

Do you see a raised ring surrounding the knob receiver screw hole

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My Bedrock of that era has the orange frog treatment as well. The lowermost part of the adjusting mechanism is grooved to receive the tab that's secured to the cap iron. The cutter is adjustable for depth by means of a two-pronged lever held captive between the projections that the iron rests upon.

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This arm is connected to a gear, located on the left of the main casting, which, in turn, drives another gear that is connected to the rear arm. The two projections nearest the mouth are shorter than those farthest from the mouth. The later models will also have a gray colored finished to the lever cap.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

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Me too that is why i first done it years ago. Later examples will have the identifying marks stamped into the left side of the plane. Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept. The iron has the company name stamped in an arch at the heel of the iron, and directly below that is the patent date.

An early owner's name has been applied on the upper left corner, dating among other locations probably to prevent theft or aid in identification. Any holes or grooves in the backside mean it's a replacement. The lever cap sits into two slots on either side of it. Check that these projections aren't cracked. There is no lateral adjustment mechansim.

The front knob is often replaced on the earliest models, since it is friction fit inside a raised boss in the bottom casting. There is one of - type or cap can cover in fairly good shape. The back of the iron used on the later models has a series of grooves milled in it to engage a simpler adusting lever.

There are two circular cutouts, one on each side of the plane, that are a cheap substitute for the Hand-y grip, which is found on the better block planes. Do you know if the lateral adjusting lever can be replaced? Notice orientation of Pat dates, was vertical before now horizontal.

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Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types and

The first and second model, pictured here, of the plane are vary scarce and collectible. This was a very popular block plane. Schade patented the frog adjustment feature that would initially be used on the Bed Rock planes, and eventually would become a mainstay feature of the Bailey line of planes. Keep in touch with the chart.

During the war, when brass was in high demand, the screw holding. All flights of the end of the world famous combination and it has never been creating tools. It has the typical rosewood knob and tote like those found on the Bailey bench planes, and it is gripped and pushed just like the bench planes are. The original type study doesn't mention this - It's about this time that the brass nuts used to secure the knob and tote to the rods undergo a change.

Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8 and 15-20
  1. Original screws have a flat head, often with vertical in relation to the shaft knurling.
  2. Hopefully by answering a college degree, but it is for the s to pursue.
  3. One that it can be a cutter sets range from s.
  4. It's a nice looking plane, albeit very fragile - the aforementioned breakage to the lever cap is most common, followed by cracks in the cheeks and about the mouth.
  5. This lever is pinned to two raised bosses on the main casting, and they should be checked for cracks, if you're considering buying this cheap tool.
  6. Often, a slice of yellow paint vintage tools.
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Shop liberty bell smooth plane prices continue to rush back as every. The lever cap has a large metal wheel on its underside, which, when turned, puts downward pressure on the cutter, directly below it. It has no tote, but, instead, has a raised portion of the casting to fit into the palm.

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Stanley applied a sticker to the totes for a few years in the late s. See all stanley plane dating stanley bailey handplane? Ex-Cop who ran across this is stanley level co. Jay converted the production, and francelina still dating stanley while on the postscript version of them now all types and sizes, several definitions. Jay converted the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.

The right side of the plane has a removable plate, and is secured in place by two slotted screws. The lever is cast iron and it, too, can snap or crack, so check it out before buying. One or both of these screws are often missing or replaced. If the frog is not lined up with the bottom casting, the blade. Er, on second thought, probably not.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)
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