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Do you wanna go on a diet and get thin? Nominations for the RationalMedia Foundation board of trustees election close on Sunday. But she wasn't the only one! We are in the third wave now and feminism seems to be running solely on myths and first world problems. Most of Lapine's other videos feature standard antifeminist arguments.

Eventually, Fluhrer saw the hypocrasy and insanity of his former group and knew that he had to rebuild his shattered relationships. Which is why it should come as no surprise that his is one of the worst channels in the genre. People sending her racist things, pictures of gorillas. But all that pales in comparison to what Greg did - Accepted money from Candid to make an attack video about Harmful Opinions. Since then, she has been known for addressing a lot of sensitive topics with her usual unbiased but tough approach.

You should show this to June and June aka Shoe0nHead is an entertaining

Unhinged Vlogger Attacks shoe0nhead & Armoured Skeptic

In this way, Lapine's parodies are not skepticism or even satire. In other words, Greg is dating this mentally broken idiot and using her desperate need for male attention to get a free pass from her to sleep with other women. Which should come as no surprise to Shoe, because he first started e-dating her when he was still married, alongside several other women he was cheating on his wife with, until she divorced him. And that means don't go on a diet! Like stereotypical, lazy black woman stereotype.

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Being nice is a basic human trait. And just like, they're all in this big competition to see who can be the most progressive, and the most tolerant. However, she has since transitioned to outrightly opposing him. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.

Don't do any of those things! Because that is how this works! Previous Video Next Video.

She believes the movement is toxic, irrelevant in the first world and poses a serious threat to the harmony between men and women. That's not racist to say that. You have every single right that every guy has now. Nice guy syndrome is fucking embarrassing, I will give you that.

  • So I was trying to calm her down.
  • Were you looking for HeadOn or Vermin Supreme?
  • The Youtuber believes that the recent wave of the feminist movement has taken things too far.

It is not a movement anymore. McDermott then proceeded to openly dox him again by revealing his full name. You could be a fat lazy slob and do anything you want! They don't care I'm being disagreed with.

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That shouldn't be allowed. It does not account for different job positions, hours worked, or different jobs. Lapine also deserves credit for her impressive take-down of Conservapedia. While Jenny claims to have seen pictures of them together, Jenny is insane and it turned out that this woman was actually a catfish.

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June is a tough nut to crack and seems immune to backlash from people. Lapine is not a fan of RationalWiki. But that's not all he was doing! This is only the first example of why it's laughable that this man? And it's just, it's like infesting, like, the internet, and it's starting to seep out into the real world, and like, I really, online I really don't like it.

It seems that Greg's ego has gotten so bloated, that he started accusing every other youtube skeptic of trying to be a clone of him. Lapine has a negative view of Donald Trump. Armoured Skeptic is part of a series on Atheism. Her stance on many hot button societal issues has seen her lean both to the right and to the left. The wage gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full time.

So because of this Milo Yiannopoulos actually got permanently banned from Twitter. They just let it slide off their backs because they're misogynists and they don't care about women's rights. And it's like, don't be scared. They are like Encyclopedia fucking Dramatica.

The social media star has made time for love and romance in her life though. Details of her formative years and educational qualifications are not known. Labelling yourself as a feminist, stop it!

Greg's videos mostly focus on long, unfunny skits that he does, with him voicing all the characters, badly. It has nothing to do with discrimination. Armoured Skeptic is part of a series on YouTube. He would often sit and wait for the church minister to finish his ceremony and would often get bored. They don't care that people are calling me annoying and that my purple hair is stupid.

Shoe0nhead dating armored skeptic april - Her real name is June Lapine
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  1. First of all, she looks like a gorilla, and let me go on.
  2. And as scummy as taking advantage of a mentally impaired dying woman to cheat on your wife is, that's not even the end of it!
  3. They don't care about my protection.

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On the channel, they recorded comedy-themed videos and skits. He barely touches that and goes straight to the Pwnage. Just ignore it, rise above it. His most popular videos are based around Feuerstein and he is his unofficial archenemy despite Skeptic not wanting him to be his archnemesis.

She is in a relationship with fellow Youtuber known as Armoured Skeptic whose real name is Gregory Fluhrer. Armoured Skeptic has made dozens of videos on Joshua Feuerstein, an evangelical christian known for his outspoken beliefs and paranoid statements. He then decided to stand on his own and became the Armoured Skeptic that he is today.

This YouTuber at times seems to have been born in the wrong era. At the same time being the most annoying and the most intolerant people that I've ever, ever met in my life. One would assume that no one would be dumb enough to date this retard, especially knowing how often he cheated on his wife, and especially especially if you're the one he cheated on his wife with. This was followed by a dark period in her life when she quit college, believing she was not cut out to be a film director. One day however, carnival cruise his father stopped attending church and later on both himself and his mom also stopped going.

These parodies do not attempt to break down feminist arguments, reductio ad absurdum style. It is not known whether she has any siblings or what her parents do for a living. The channel did not last long, however, ladies they broke up because her friends did not have as much passion in video making as June did.

Even though ShoeOnhead was raised in a Catholic family, she admitted to having never believed in God, photon a stance that her fiance shares as well. This is a public platform. His family remained Christian but never spoke about religion ever again. External links Twitter Facebook Discord.

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